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Data Science

Our Data Analysis techniques and understanding can help businesses better improve their advertising campaigns, personalize their content and improve their bottom lines.

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How it work?

Enabling data driven decisions to help your business soar and grow!

Data is wealth! Leveraging the power of data to your organisation involves collecting reliable data and using it the right way to make accurate predictions and decisions that will enable your organisation to capture the market at the right time. We offer you the best of data analytics services, backed by the expertise of data veterans, to enable you organisation to make planned decisions.

Our Services:

Data talk to those who are willing to listen and take action

Data preparation and visualisation Data analytics Data driven strategy building Decision chain analysis.

Data preparation and visualisation

A picture can speak a thousand words. We help you collect data from multiple streams and sources, collate them and ultimately put them out in the form of graphs and charts to enable you to visualise the data, assess trends and make use of the data in your decision making. In short we help you mine data by removing unnecessary information that may detract and present to you the data in a visually appealing manner.

Data Analytics and modelling

Data, data everywhere. With the advent of big data, organisations have gigabytes or even terabytes of data, which comprises both useful as well as pointless information. We help you comb through immense volumes of data and sort it into usable chunks of information that can be assimilated and put to use in the decision making process.

Data driven strategy building

The primary aim of data collection and analysis is to use the data to build and create viable strategies. We help you create strategies and also provide prospectively modelled scenarios. We enable you to create the right strategy which is line with the vision, mission, and goals of the organisation.

Decision chain analysis

Does your organisation spend more time on collecting data, rather than figuring what to do with that data? We help you collect the data and enable decision making that smoothens the potholes and bottlenecks that negatively impact your organisation’s growth.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

ISNIA’ machine learning and predictive analysis solutions enables organisations to quickly get to the granular, low-latency, easily comprehendible, comprehensive data that contains the pertinent insights that are required for the process of decision making. By using robust systems to streamline the process, we ensure that organisations spend lesser time on collecting data and more time on creating empowering decisions using that data. We use tried and tested Machine Learning systems, that are continuously being trained with relevant, real-time data to ensure that the data provided to enable decisions is up-do-date and free of errors caused by delay in communication channels.

Real-time operationalisation:

Use the power of data to spot anomalies, identify trends and patterns and optimise your everyday operations. BreakTalks enables you and your organisation to predict demand and supply on a real-time basis and either cut-down or ramp-up production based on the needs of the customer. We enable dynamic organisations across the globe quickly make time-bound decisions based on fast-changing data by identifying trends that are otherwise hard to spot.

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