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Master data management (MDM) fuels­­­ business success with better data.

Master data management (MDM) is the core process used to manage, centralize, organize, categorize, localize, synchronize and enrich master data according to the business rules of the sales, marketing and operational strategies of your company. Master data can take the form of product, customer, supplier, location and asset information, in addition to any information sources that drive your business.

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How it work?

The efficient management of master data in a central repository gives you a single authoritative view of information and eliminates costly inefficiencies caused by data silos. It supports your business initiatives and objectives through identification, linking and syndication of information and content across products, customers, stores/locations, employees, suppliers, digital assets and more.

ISNIA MDM Services

Setting up the right roles, processes, workflows and governance makes a MDM deliver value.

Done wrong, a MDM only automates a poor business process.

How can we help? ISNIA does product management work every day for dozens of clients and we know what works to drive efficiency and quality. We are able to faciliate solutions across all departments-product management, marketing, sales, digital and IT.


MDM 360

The MDM 360

Develop a content-centric implementation plan and practical roadmap to accelerate product information processes while improving your customer experience and commerce performance.
Look at business objectives, organization, processes, content, technology, vendor management and governance.

Process Flow

ISNIA View of Successful MDM Engagements

Vector Smart Object
Design & Strategy
Platform evaluation & selection
Implementation & Optimization
Implementation & configuration
Maintenance & Managed
Managed Services Maintenance & platform optimization


1. Deep Industry Experience

2. MDM Platform Expertise

3. Managed product content for Fortune 500 companies.

4. Thought leadership, industry influencers and successful business side senior leaders

5. Strategic, practitioner, and analyst teams


ISNIA’s approach leveraging solutions & platforms

Commerce Strategy
Commerce Strategy &
Product User

Digital Commerce & Transformation Solutions


Who We Are

ISNIA Technologies Pvt Ltd is a MDM, Big Data, Integrations( Mule & Data Stage ) & Oracle ATG firm (eCom Services), formed by a group of technocrats whose experiences from the industry forms a strong foundation of the company.


What We Offer

MDM Technology,
Analytics and SaaS solutions to drive Digital success.


Our Locations

ISNIA Technologies(OPC) Private Ltd.
Veppampalayam Road ,
Mochakkottampalayam, Andan Kovil Po , Karur- Pin : 639002 ,
Tamil Nadu , India

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