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Data Migration

   Any system is only as good as the data you put into it, which is why data migration is such a crucial part of any data strategy.

   ISNIA’s professional data migration service is the difference between a successful data strategy and a data initiative that fails to live up to its potential.

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What is data migration?

   Data migration is the process of getting your data from A to B without compromising its quality, consistency and validity. Whether you’re moving your data from one system to another, or converting it into a new format, our data migration service ensures that the right data is transferred to get the best results for your business. It might sound straightforward, but data migration should never be a case of copying files from one location to another. This ‘lift and shift’ approach runs the risk of low quality data being transferred along with the data you need, corrupting your new data system from the get go. An effective data migration strategy should always assess your data quality and consider the outcomes you want to achieve with your new technology. A robust data migration doesn’t just look at where the data needs to go, but at what you want that data to accomplish in its new location.

Who needs data migration?

    A data migration exercise is a good opportunity to analyse your data quality and make your data work harder for your business, even in a relatively simple transfer. Any business implementing new data technology needs a professional, comprehensive data migration that incorporates quality control, consistency, governance and improvement. Miss any of these key steps in your changeover, and your new technology won’t be able to fulfil its expectations.

What are the business benefits of ISNIA’s data migration strategies?

   At ISNIA, we look at data migration as more than a replication and transfer exercise. We see data migration as an opportunity to make your data work harder for your business. Our data migration services are driven by your unique business objectives. We work to understand your data – and what you want to achieve with it – to advise you on the best, strategic approach to data migration.

Overcoming your data migration challenges

     Data migration can amplify your existing data problems, and reduce the success of the new system you are migrating to. Out of date information, irrelevant files, missing fields, invalid formats and inaccurate terminology: these data quality issues won’t disappear just by switching to a new system.

   Our data migration service tackles these problems head on, delivering good quality data into your new system to fuel your business goals.

   Identify the current and correct sources of data required for migration and the owners of this data.

    Define the quality measures and metrics the data must meet ahead of migration.

    Produce the data quality routines to ensure the data meets the pre-defined quality measures.

    Produce the routines to transform and load the clean data into your target solution. Define a robust, achievable go-live strategy.

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